Meat Analogue This Thanksgiving!

Planning a Thanksgiving celebration and inviting all your family and friends? Chances are one, two, or a few of them are vegetarian or vegan! So serve Tofurky this holiday!

Why not give thanks while promoting consciousness and at the same time showing appreciation of your meat analogue eating friends!

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Besides providing for vegetarians, vegans and those who choose not to eat Turkey during this season for personal or ethical reasons, Tofurky, a product of Turtle Island Foods, is mostly cheaper and definitely healthier.

As for flavoring? The vegetable-based, environmentally friendly, flavoring used to give the soy or wheat gluten based food that “oven roasted Turkey” flavor is often considered tastier than the traditional bird, by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike!

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Needless to say, you can enjoy a Vegetarian Thanksgiving regardless of what your eating preferences are!

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Also, food for thought, organic foods are more vibrant in color and flavor and would blend well with your bright Lomography Cameras and invite colorful photos to be taken of them!

For more Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes and sides to go with your Tofurky, we suggest New York Times’ feature:
Well's Vegetarian Thanksgiving

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