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Because no one wants to talk about this bag, I decided it would be my duty to tell the world about it!

A couple of weeks ago, I was very interested in buying a bag for my cameras. Seeing some reviews, I found it very useful to buy a Sidekick TPE bag, because of the low price and, also, the impact this bag had on me. Unfortunately, the Big Size was not available at the moment so I had to search for reviews about the Lite version. But there was no review, no picture with it, nothing.

So, I decided it’s my duty to talk about it.

At first view, it’s a small version of its bigger brother. Same material, same pockets but small size. I was very interested in the gauge of this bag as I can honestly say, it fits anything but a computer (PC). It’s actually 2 bags in one. The front side of the bag can be detached and carried separately. The front bag has 2 pockets, one that fits only 1 camera, like a Holga, Diana F+, or whatever Lomography camera. The other one can be used to store films, lenses, and cellphones. On front of this first bag is our favorite inscription: “Lomography”.

The other bag , the bigger part of our Sidekick Lite, it has actually 3 pockets. One pocket, on the lower side of it, can be filled with films, pocket knife, empty canisters, duck tape, pens, etc. Its front bears the inscription: “Rule #7 – Be fast.”

The bigger pocket is supposed to be filled with anything one can think of. The front is for other cameras, umbrellas, tripod, to a couple of A4 size notebooks, iPad, and netbook. The last pocket is a small one inside this, where you can store your pens and your small Lomography notebook for taking down notes.

I found this bag to be very, very useful and fits anybody’s style, whether you are a student, photographer, manager, or about to become a manager.

The Sidekick TPE Bag features a 2-in-1 detachable design and is made from 100% water-resistant TPE to tackle even the heaviest of weather conditions. It features a small camera bag on the front, which clips perfectly to a large bag in the back that can hold a small laptop, vinyl records or similar-sized items. Comes in two sizes — Standard and smaller Lite.

written by pvalyk on 2011-11-01 #gear #review #bag #sidekick #tpe #lomography #lite

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  1. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    Thanks for a really good and useful review! I have been wondering about buying myself one of these bags, but just wasn't sure of the sizes or what they actually might fit in them. Thankyou :D

  2. udo
    udo ·

    Your article was really helpful to make a decision. Now I'm happy with my own Sidekick TPE Bag Lite :)

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