La Sardina Review: 5 Rules for La Sardina Wonders


Are you ready to go out and get your best catch? Take this 35mm compact camera with you, and prepare for the La Sardina wonders!

I knew I would love La Sardina the moment Lomography introduced this camera to the world. I fell in love with it at first sight for its cute, sardine can-inspired design and of course, its mind-blowing 21mm wide angle lens. It even comes with Multiple Exposure(MX) and Bulb mode features. I like the Marathon design most. So I saved up my pocket money for months to have this camera.

It was an extreme satisfaction the moment I finally got my hands on a La Sardina. I cannot wait to shoot and experience the camera myself. So I loaded a roll of film and went out for a whole day of action.

Once I had my film developed, I almost cried in amazement with the results. It brings me much more than what I’ve expected. The whole roll of film is properly exposed and comes out as pictures (no blank pictures, YAY!). I got a total of 37 exposures from my first roll. Personally, I suggest you to use slide films and I think this camera is good for beginners. I even comes up with my own rules to make full use of La Sardina. Check them out:

Rule #1 : Don’t waste the Multiple Exposures (MX) feature. Go doubles!

Rule #2 : Get as close as you could to your subject!

(even though there’s some possibility you could get kicked by your subject LOL)

Rule #3 : Shoot self-portraits. Don’t be shy.

It’s about the 21mm wide-lens angle we’re talking about.

Rule #4 : Shoot whatever you passed by.

Rule #5 : Don’t follow the rules above. Have fun exploring your La Sardina in your own unique way!

It’s worth every penny, trust me. Have fun!

Get ready to sail the high seas with our new La Sardina collection! These 35mm cameras are equipped with spectacular wide-angle lens, multiple exposure capabilities, and a rewind dial—everything you need for fun-filled and thrill-soaked escapades. Get your own La Sardina camera now!

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  1. noe_arteaga
    noe_arteaga ·

    I also really love the La Sardina! =D

  2. zindzee
    zindzee ·

    The La Sardina was my first Lomography camera and I must admit it was love at first click!

  3. syira690
    syira690 ·

    @noe_arteaga @zindzee totally love at first click!

  4. madedarmajunaedi
    madedarmajunaedi ·

    the rules are great and the pictures are wonderful!

  5. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    wow! great works with La Sardina!

  6. knipsomat
    knipsomat ·

    Great feeling of enthusiasm transported throuhg your words!

  7. heycarly
    heycarly ·

    wow, looks cool

  8. arifrodriguez
    arifrodriguez ·

    nice article

  9. hoseun
    hoseun ·

    love it! :)

  10. haruma_127
    haruma_127 ·

    hi thanks for invite me to read these review..good picts and review..

  11. tashpointoh
    tashpointoh ·

    i just bought this camera and have one roll of film to develop. its my first ever and im terribly excited! especially after seeing these (:

  12. syira690
    syira690 ·

    @tashpointoh. don't worry. they'll turn out great. don't forget to share with us the results ya! :)

  13. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    and THAT finally convinced me of buying one! :)

  14. zekalinova
    zekalinova ·

    really nice! :)

  15. ucinz
    ucinz ·

    aahh.. great! what a fantastic article! ;))

  16. planomania
    planomania ·

    The La Sardina is going to be my first camera. Saving up my pocket money, too! :)

  17. ylemya
    ylemya ·

    Le tue foto sono ho sviluppato il mio primo rullino e non sono belle le foto :( piuttosto buie e alcune fuori fuoco

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