Meet the Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta Carnival Parade


The São Paulo Gallery Store, which is about to open, is located in the Augusta Street, one of the most eclectic places in the city. Because of it’s potpourri of flavors. a Carnival Party was created to celebrate the Augusta Vibration!

The name of the parade is Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta and every year one or two months before the Carnival Holliday on Sundays they set up big concerts to start to prepare the people for the huge celebration that is Carnival.

The last Sunday before Carnival they make a parade crossing the Paulista Avenue, Rossevelt Square and the Consolação and Frei Caneca Streets. For those unfamiliar, this part of the city has been established as the point of alternative culture, in other words, you can see everything there …

This is a public event, free and democratic. Everything to enhance the city’s carnival. In the 700m course, a little excited band plays and the crowd participate singing the chorus anthem.

“Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta,
Apavora mais não assusta.”

Hino Acadêmicos do Baixo Augusta by musicoteca

In brief report, I can say that it’s the most unusual carnival party I’ve ever been to in my life. It was so surreal, when we passed through Augusta, the street was closed, and we saw people get off the bus, buy a beer and go and enjoy the party, truly democratic!

Tips to lomographers: take a camera because it is more than worth it! That day, I just had my Holga 135 + Colorsplash Flash but a "Fisheye" and a Supersampler would be perfect to grasp all that excitement. Following the 10 golden rules of Lomography, never forget No. 6: “Don’t think”, there’s nothing better than clicking multiple cameras at the same time to make you think even less, get in the feeling! But, don’t worry, I will still write an article about this theorem.

written by jorgesato on 2011-10-27 #places #festival #location #bloco-augusta-festival-samba-carnaval
translated by lgs_saopaulo

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