You Can Now Walk On Water

Who says you can’t walk on water? Now you can at Singapore’s MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

On October 11, 2011, MacRitchie Reservoir Park officially opened its latest water features to the public. One of them is a 40-meter long submerged boardwalk, which extends from one bank of the reservoir to another.

The park’s visitors will be able to get their feet wet as they walk through ankle deep water. And as they splash their way through, they can expect to see water plants, tadpoles, fish, snails, and other aquatic life along the sides of the boardwalk. According to the park’s news releases, the water plants were introduced as a means of purifying rainwater before it flows into the reservoir.

This is a nice family-friendly place too. Just look at the kids having so much fun getting their feet wet and splashing water all around!

For visitors who don’t want to get their feet wet, they can use the spruced up iconic zigzag bridge that MacRitchie Reservoir Park is famous for.

As one can expect, MacRitchie Reservoir is a popular outdoor location for photo shoots and photo outings.

Here are a couple of shots of the photo shoot in progress and model, taken with my Golden Half. This little toy cam’s 22mm lens sure came in handy!

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