The Beatles in America: 1964

The Beatles first came to America in 1964. During this time, photographer Harry Benson was able to capture rare and intimate moments of the band together. Take a look at some images after the break.

Harry Benson is a Scottish photographer whose works have been featured in People, Life, and Vanity Fair. On one of his assignments, he was tasked to travel with The Beatles for their first trip to the United States in 1964. He was able to capture rare images of the band in candid moments.

image © Harry Benson via Shu84

The photo above is probably one of Harry Benson’s most popular images. This shows the band in a hotel room having a pillow fight after recieving the news that they will be appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show, one of America’s variety shows watched by millions. During their live appearance, they performed in front of over 700 audience members. More than 70 million people tuned in to that particular episode, ranking it as one of the highest rated during that time.

image © Harry Benson via Shu84
image © Harry Benson via Flavorwire

The pictures above were taken when The Beatles met with Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay. The photos were taken in a boxing gym where Cassius Clay was preparing for an upcoming fight. The photo session was also a publicity stunt since ticket sales for the fight were not going as well as planned.

Here are more photos of The Beatles by Harry Benson:

images via Shu84 and Flavorwire

Harry Benson was able to capture rare moments of the band members together during his time with them. These photos show The Beatles at a time where they were just starting to invade the world with their music.


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