Capturing Beautiful Lights in the Dark with Lomography CN 800 35mm

I really love the photos from my first experience with Lomography CN 800 35mm. This high speed film handles the low light situation very well, though a bit grainy.

This is my first time shooting with Lomography CN800 . I got this film from a friend long time ago, but wanted to save this high speed film for something special. Last month was the mid-autumn festival; there were events showing some beautiful lanterns to celebrate this festival. I took the chance and tried out the Lomography CN800.

I started to shoot when the sun was setting. Colors are quite vivid in the photos.

During dusk, you can see that it can beautifully capture the color changing sky. Clear and rich details were shown in the pictures.

Even the reflection of the lanterns in the water is clear and sharp in the photos.

Then the sky became darker and darker. Lomography CN 800 can still capture clear photos by only hand-holding the camera and not using tripod.

However, the photos are much grainy than I expected. Therefore, I recommend having a richer and more colorful composition in photos while using Lomography CN 800. So that the large grains will not appear so much as a defect of the pictures, but instead adding a unique style to the photos.

Shooting indoors is also not a problem for this high speed film. And in fact, I think the grains add a slightly vintage style to the photos which then matches well with the warm tone.

To conclude, I am quite happy with the resulting photos of Lomography CN 800. I will continue to try it on different situations to really know the power of this film.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 800 ISO film is a high-speed film designed to bring a burst of vibrant colour, as well as great saturation and contrast, in all lighting conditions! Shoot in bright sunshine, grey days, indoors or at night with a flash. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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