Falling For Fall in the Korean Countryside

What could be more romantic than a weekend away at a log cabin in the quaint Korean countryside? AND surrounded by the beautiful colours of autumn? Not much could beat this!

Once upon a time, in 2006, I arrived fresh faced to Korea during the prime autumn season. I fell in love instantly with the people, with the countryside, and with the colours. Years later, here I am during my favourite season, now in love with my Korean boyfriend and still basking in the glow of the fall foliage!

The beauty of Seoul can also lie in its ever-expanding subway system, which we used to go off into the countryside for our weekend away. Arriving at Yangsu Station in Yangpyeong, we heard roosters instead of honking horns and looked up to see trees bursting with colours instead of the standard grey apartment blocks that are second nature to Seoul.

Stage one of giddiness ensues. Surrounded by mountains, trees and nature, we enter our weekend accommodation, the beautiful log cabin. Stage two of excitement! Then we see the fireplace. We know we are in the right place for a romantic weekend away.

After a wonderful Korean/Western fusion home cooked meal of tofu and kimchi dumplings, seafood pancake and curry, we headed out for a midnight walk, watching the sky full of stars (that are missing from the sky in Seoul) and collecting wood for the fire.

Waking up the next morning to the glorious fall sun, we head to the mountains for a romantic fall hike. The mountains surrounding Yangpyeong are completely covered in trees of red, green, and gold. We walked down the road to the hiking train for Chyeongaesan Mountain. It was a wonderful climb and we were lucky as it was one of the last warm days of the season.

This is definitely the most beautiful season in Korea and if you are a mountain hiking-holic then even more so! The beauty of the mountains makes your heart leap and I was more than happy to spread that love on to my partner with mountain top kisses!

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