Shooting with a Roll of Agfa Vista 100 35mm


As many can say, Agfa Vista 100 (35mm) is a good film to use in sunny condition. Anything and everything about this film that I can say is Splendid!

Agfa Vista 100 is a color negative film that offers a reproduction of a typical narrow color, with full saturation and moderate contrast. As many people would say, this is a film perfect for shooting under the sun. Anything and everything about this film that I can say is Splendid!

This film is best used in sunny condition as many slow films having a 100 ISO do. It produces natural colors and can be used with any 35 mm camera or a medium format one (purely experimental in this case, though) for amazing results.

Using this type of film can bring in joy to our Lomographic cameras, all the way through exposing and developing it, and be prepared to be amazed by the resulting images. While exposing a portrait, landscape, mountains or a building, this film is perfect for its category and be able to bring the most of it. Also it can be used for long exposures for shooting lighttracks of traffic on the road or for shooting under the moon, but I never reached a great result with it (It was my fault here).

Something important to say: This film is very easy to use and develop, it doesn’t demand exposure as precise as a slide, and can be developed really easy, like anywhere, in a drug store, bathroom, or any one hour lab.

I can’t recommend it enough for all film shooters and everyone in between!

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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    Just discovered this film myself, and I agree it's rather nice. It seems to me to have a very slight orange/ red/brown bias which in my opinion 'warms up' the photos, whilst the blues are never either oversaturated or cold, resulting in a fair degree of realism but also a pleasant glow at times. A good solid performer in my Exa, and I'm sure it would suit other cameras designed for the days of older 'slow' film as well.

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