What the hell is the Diana World Tour?


Soon, the next stage of the fantastic Diana World Tour will begin in Taiwan – Read after the jump to find out more about this traveling exhibition of Lomographic love! The folks in Taipai are in for a real treat!

Examples from the Detrich Collection

Diana’s History

As you might know, the Diana has a very rich history, even before Lomography encountered her and turned her into the Diana F+. She was a cult legend of 1960’s photography and all kind of clones and variations were made on her stunningly simple design…

Allan Detrich

Then, through a hefty amount of searching, a keen collector by the name of Allan Detrich began to amass what must be the most incredible, diverse, and mouth-watering collection of Diana cameras and clones in the world. Produced in Hong Kong throughout the 60s and 70’, these countless Diana variants each have their own unique charm, special details, and occasionally insane graphic elements. Not to mention some really fantastic names like “Windsor”, “Debutante”, “Colorama”, and the amazing “Future Scientist!”.

More classic Diana clones

Lomography and the Detrich Collection

In Spring 2007, Lomography were delighted to purchase this incredible batch of cameras. We want to show these fantastic examples of analogue beauty to as many people as possible. That’s why we began the Diana World Tour, a travelling exhibition of the Detrich Collection – And, from the 11th November, the exhibition will be shown off at the Lomography Gallery Store Tapai in Taiwan!

Wait, there’s more!

But the Diana World Tour isn’t just about the Detrich collection – It’s also an opportunity to take part in some fantastic workshops and events all about the Diana F+ – At every World Tour stop, we also invite local artists to build their own customized Diana clones which are also exhibited!

A few of our favorite customized Diana F+ cameras from the recent Diana World Tour in Toronto!

The Diana F+ is a camera chameleon. There’s an edition to complement any personality. Meet your Diana match in our Shop now!

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