Andredimu with His Weapon of Choice, the Diana Mini Love Is in the Air

Call it faith, but Andremidu has an undying devotion to analogue photography. Even with the most sophisticated digital camera – this bribe will not work with him. Read on to know why!

Name: Andrea Di Muzio
Weapon of Choice: Diana Mini Love is in the Air

Why is this analogue camera your weapon of choice?

My favorite weapon of choice is the Diana Mini! As its name suggests is a compact camera, you can put in your pocket, pull out and shoot quickly without thinking! I love her also because it was given to me on Valentine’s Day, the “Love is in the Air” edition, by a special girl who became my beloved wife. I love the ability to change the format (from the retro square format to the half-frame) and shots 72 photos onto one 35mm film! I can do multiple and long exposures and also plug a flash and the cable release if needed. You have endless possibilities. Diana mini is just too cute and stylish, and fits just right for me!

If someone would bribe you of an expensive digital camera in exchange of your analogue weapon of choice, will you accept the offer? Why or why not?

I would not accept this offer for nothing in the world! I love my Diana Mini too much and it’s a pledge of love! I will never and ever exchange it especially for any digital camera!

Credits: andredimu

It could be just a cheap plastic toy camera or the most luxurious vintage rangefinder you have, either way, it is your weapon of choice! Want yours to be seen here next week? Then just drop us a line at and you’ll get to show everyone what your Lomo snaps are made of!

The Diana Mini Love is in the Air is a special Valentines edition of the Diana Mini. Prepare to be swept off your feet, because this camera can shoot dreamy half-frames and squares—all in 35mm film! Fall in love with the Diana Mini Love is in the Air here.

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