A Mural Miracle at the Budapest Embassy Store!


We just gave one of our stores an extra special make-over: instead of using paper, we developed a photo right onto the wall!

Together with our friend Kornel Erhart, who loves experimental photography as much as we do, we decided to transform the Budapest Embassy store into dark room, and walls into photo paper. And so, the story goes…

Photos via lomography.hu

We closed at 7 o’clock in the evening, and started to turn the shop into a lab. We shut the windows and doors, to make it the perfect amount of dark, and turned on a red light.

Photos via lomography.hu

First, we positioned a picture on the wall. We then applied a thin layer of gelatine straight onto wall, followed by the emulsion (the same stuff that is used on photo paper). After it dried, we began projecting the negative onto the wall via an enlarger and exposed the picture for about a minute.

Photos via lomography.hu

We sprayed on the developer (called a “bath”) and then witnessed a miracle: out of thin air the picture appeared on the wall! We proceeded to fix the photo, and the last step: to wash out as much fixing chemicals as we could by spraying it down with water.

Photos via lomography.hu

We used a black and white Horizon Perfekt photo of New York by Csaba Barbay, and achieved a breathtaking result. You could easily mistake it for an old photo that’s been around for over 100 years!

Check out this video of the process, in fast forward of course:

Inspired? Sick of posters constantly slipping off your walls? Give this a go, and let us know!

Also be sure to visit the store in person to see the real deal!

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  1. marije
    marije ·

    O wow, this is amazing! I'm moving soon and this would be awesome to do to one of the walls in my new house. Though I doubt if the housing company would appreciate it... ;)

  2. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    LOVE LOVE LOVE liquid emulsion, Im doing tests with it myself onto different types of metal and canvas, such a wonderful process, beautiful work :D

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