FlaF vol.3 – Festival of Lomography analogue Photography in Zagreb

You are invited to a celebration of Lomographic fun! This incredible festival will include: a huge indoor LomoWall featuring your summer photos, a Diana F+ workshop, two parties, one DJ, a documentary screening and a bunch of Lomography cameras to try on for size!

Once upon a time there was a need. A need to create a place where everyone could enjoy multiple things at the same time. Man created sports, parks, clubs, galleries and numerous other enjoyable things but to us it didn’t seem enough. Then we discovered Lomography.

Our need was to create a place with a setting for Lomographic enjoyment without boundaries. A real “Lomonistic” place. So we created the FlaF! Who could resist a festival that deals exclusively with Lomography, with such a fuzzy name too!

Today we have two FlaF’s to our name and now we present the 3rd! Or vol.3 as we like to call it. Missing the first one was understandable, the second one forgivable, but thinking of missing FlaF vol.3 should definitely be reconsidered!

So, even if you have better things to do, bail on them and come to Zagreb on the first weekend of November for a dose of Lomographic enjoyment! So come try out cameras, watch a movie, party your hats off and put your creative talents together to create the next LomoWall!

LomoWall installation start: 31.10.2011, 12:00, main entrance of Student Center
18.00h, LomoWall unveiling
21.00h, Welcome party – Teatar &TD
17.00h – Diana F+ Workshop – In front of the LomoWall
17.30h – Lomography camera tryouts
17.00h – Lomography camera tryouts
20.00h – BBC Documentary screening “The Lomo Camera”
21.00h – FlaF 3. Closing party – Teatar &TD

The festival will feature:

  • One movie screening
  • One Diana F+ workshop
  • Two parties
  • A bunch of Lomography cameras to try out
  • A huge, permanent LomoWall with your photos on the topic “I know what you did last summer”
“I Know What You Did Last Summer Lomowall Rumble” Submissions

For more information, you can contact your friendly Lomography Croatia team

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