A-Z of Vintage Las Vegas Casinos

Dunes, Sahara, Golden Nugget…if any or all of them sounds familiar, that’s because they’re among the most popular casinos that adorned the legendary Las Vegas strip. Let’s take a step back in time and get to know some of the city’s most notable casinos, through an A-Z photo gallery!

Welcome to Las Vegas. Photo via Vintage Vegas on Flickr

Las Vegas, Nevada. A city both famous and infamous for its glitz, glamour, and gambling. Through the decades, the world has been quick to associate Vegas as the go-to place for various vices—drinking sprees, partying, flings, and of course, gambling.

Do you have some money to spare, and enough guts to try your luck? Casinos are your best bet when it comes to virtually all sorts of games of chance. Las Vegas has long been the prime destination for moneyed casino patrons. Even so, thousands of visitors flock to Las Vegas every year not only to gamble, but also to marvel at the unique cityscape created by hotels, casinos, and other hi-rise buildings.

While Las Vegas has been sporting a more modern look since the recent decade, the world will definitely never forget the early days of the so-called Sin City. Many of the original and famed Las Vegas hotel-casinos, like Dunes and Sahara, no longer exist, but we can still see some of them in retrospect! Take a trip down the memory lane and view an A-Z gallery of some Las Vegas casinos below:

Photos from Vintage Vegas on Flickr and Vintage Roadtrip on Flickr

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