Storing Memories


Back in the day, my sister found a nice way to take souvenirs and another great way to store them and bring’em home with you.

Everytime I go to a place, I take my camera, films, and a couple of empty canisters. I use camera and films to take pictures, its obvious, but what I do with the empty canisters?

Well, a couple of them I use to store exposed film, and the rest of them, as the title says, I use to store memories.

You can collect every small piece of whatever you see. Grass, leaves, shells, sand, salt, rocks, even mud (if it has a interesting colour). I’m talking about really small memories.

After filling a couple of them canisters, I brand them with a name, the place from which it is, and date. For branding I use invisible duck tape, paper and pen, or you can use any white sticker. This is a fun way to decorate your Lomo house.

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  1. wolkers
    wolkers ·

    That is a very cute idea! :)

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