Film Canisters for Old Russian Cameras

Being a Lomographer is not that easy, especially when nature doesn’t support you. The 7th rule of lomography is "Be fast”. Well, using a russian RF is kind of hard to shoot whatever, whenever, when you have no exposures left on film. So you have to change it, but it takes a while.

In early years, Russian cameras where built without a built-in spool so you have to use a spool from another film, as in the current Holga 120

I came up with a faster, proper way to change film faster and continue shooting. This envolves making and storing your film, already taped to a spool, in a specially made canister.

Things needed:

  • 1 x unexposed film
  • 1 x empty canister
  • 1 x empty spool
  • Pocket knife or scissors
  • Duct tape

Cut the film’s beginning, in order to fit in the middle of the empty spool, insert it in the spool and make sure it will roll uniformly, tape it the back of the film so the duct tape won’t cover the sprockets.

Take the empty canister and cut a straight line from top to bottom. Then, insert the film with the spool outside. Now you can use it anytime!

I usually do this in the night after the shooting and make about 2 or 3. To store this type of canister it is important to use a Velcro bag, so humidity won’t damage the film, but that is a different story.

I’m guessing this tip is not for all Lomographers but I hope one can find it useful.

The Holga CFN 120 is a medium format icon known for taking lo-fi images. It now comes with a built-in flash that bathes you shots with yellow, red, blue, or clear light. If the Holga misty, vignette look is not enough for you, try the Diana F+ for dreamier, softer shots.

written by pvalyk on 2011-10-28 #gear #tutorials #film #russian #camera #old #spool #tipster #canister #hand-craft

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