Man Cannot Live by the Big Apple Alone

There’s so much to see in New York but at some point, you gotta eat! New Yorkers know about getting right to the bottomline so as not to waste a minute of time, so much of the available sustenance is on wheels! But when it’s time to have a sit down, there’s nothing like some historic cafes and bars where you can soak up the vibes of famous New Yorkers who came before you – because we all gotta eat and drink some time!

There is food and then there is classic New York food – soft pretzels, pizza, and a good stiff drink. I found there are food carts on nearly every corner of New York City offering any kind of food you can eat with one hand. While I love my Diana F+ and LC-A, I cannot eat them! So I used them to take pictures of the variety of food carts around off 5th Avenue on a Sunday afternoon while I made up my mind on what I wanted. I came across a fresh, warm stack of pretzels that looked so perfect and inviting I hated to mess it up by buying one, but took a snap for all eternity. If a pretzel snack won’t suit you, you’re bound to find a Ray’s Pizza joint, offering a hearty bite by the slice or whole pie, nothing tastes more like New York!

When it was time for a real meal, I headed over to Fanelli Café in Soho because I read they shot a scene from Mad Men there and I just love a good ol’ dark pub ’n grub. This one was full of character, having served hungry crowds for over a century. Then it was time for some real drinking and there’s no better place than the White Horse Tavern – from Dylan Thomas to Hunter S. Thompson, Norman Mailer to Jack Kerouac, the literary greats come here to soothe their tortured artist’s soul and no doubt drink a toast to a great city that has inspired residents and tourists alike!

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