Re-Cap of Pattern Party! A Special Blue Hour for the New Pattern Edition La Sardinas at the Lomography Gallery Store LA

They’re new. They’re stylin’. They’re the NEW La Sardina Pattern Edition cameras and they made their debut at the Lomography Gallery Store LA with a special Blue Hour! just for them!

The Lomography Gallery Store LA was honored to host some very special guests. . . The La Sardina Pattern Edition family came to town, and we threw a special Blue Hour! just for them! With some gorgeous geometric designs, it was only fitting to throw them a fun bash!

In four jaw-dropping designs, the LAmographers in attendance went goo-goo-ga-ga for these new Geometric beauties. Their stylish patterns were so contagious that everyone else put on some cool patterns, too! And of course the infamous wide-angle of the La Sardina was there to capture it all! See our crazy pattern-portraits bellow!

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