Lomography Gallery Store Cologne - The big Opening Party

Hey, what’s up? We had a party all night long! Okay, we did not party until the sun went up again but the big opening party of the Cologne Lomography Gallery Store was nevertheless huge, funny and crowded… see for yourself.

The motto of the evening was “Ready, Set, Go!” Cologne Lomographers were so tensed up prior to the opening that we really had to keep the doors shut until 8pm. So many fans of analogue photography (and those who were just interested in seeing this new store) were standing outside and waiting for the party to begin. They were waiting for the moment when the doors to the Lomographic Embassy and Gallery Store at Ehrenstraße were finally opened.

Photos by lomographycologne

Soon the small but lovely store was crowded with Lomographers and analogue enthusiasts. People flocked in and it was really full already by a quarter past eight. But most of the party guests did not care at all. Outside it was cold and inside were all lomographic cameras to be seen and touched, yummy food and cold Koelsch beer (as well as sparkling wine)! The charming ladies behind the improvised bar served cold drinks and russian finger food that was already gone before it even reached the table where it was supposed to be presented. People just ate it right from the trays. When you went outside, even the sidewalk was full of Lomographers. People smoked their cigarettes there and talked to other analogue photographers.

The one-man-band Rocco Recycle was dressed all in silver and took turns with the DJ. So we had nice live music mixed with nice dance music.

Fotos von lomographycologne

It was a very successful evening. Lomo and Cologne are a perfect match! After only one night there’s already love in the air and many wonderful lomographic moments to come and share.

Lomography Gallery Store Cologne
Ehrenstraße 57
50672 Köln

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translated by graefin

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