Blue Hour Barcelona: Technical Doubts

If you missed the last Blue Hour, don’t worry because in November you’ll have a new opportunity to clear up all the questions you still have in mind about your new camera.

Credits: ck_berlin, alehopgm & cohetesnaranjas

Have you tried to ask us about all of that, but we haven’t had enough time to answer all your questions? Then, take advantage of this special occasion, so you will not only have the answer to those questions, but also other ones you never asked before!

Credits: 134340, ainew02 & sosharp

In a pleasent company and in a space completely dedicated to all the questions you may have about your camera, everything is much easier.
Get paper and pencil ready so you won’t lose any single detail.

All your doubts and unsteadiness will be solved in this space, you just have to come by. This event in completely free.

  • Where?
    “Lomography Gallery Store Barcelona”:
  • When?
    November 10th, Thursday.
  • What time?
    From 18:30 to 20:00.

Don’t lose this chance!

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