Get Up Close and Personal With The Diana Instant Back+ and the Close-Up Lens!

Take the power of the Diana+ 55mm and Close-up lens, pair it with the Diana Instant Back+ and you get extremely gratifying up-close shots of your subjects!

With the brand new Diana Instant Back+, you could now take the instant film experience, attach it to your Diana+ and be blown away by the multiple number of accessories you could mix and match to create a varying amount of tricks!

Mix and match lenses, flashes and anything else you could think of! Try attaching the Diana+ 55mm and Close-Up Lens for that gratifying, aesthetically pleasing take on your unsuspecting subjects! Combining the close-up lens with the power of high-speed Instax film (which you insert to the Instant Back), expect people to beg you to take pictures of them – up close and personal!

Grab the Diana Instant Back+ at our shop now for a very exclusive deal!

written by kazarareta on 2009-03-19 #news #diana #diana-f #diana-close-up-lens #diana-instant-back

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