RECAP: Film Noir Workshop @ Lomography Gallery Store East London!

A bunch of eager Lomographers came to East London to test out our brand new black & white films, Earl Grey & Lady Grey! It’s deep, dark &’s film noir!

We were in a mood for drama here at Gallery Store East London and there is no better film to achieve a deep and mysterious atmosphere than our brand new black & white films, Earl Grey & Lady Grey!

Our Lomographer’s got the complete lowdown on all things black & white. We went through the history of b&w film (did you know that it was flammable?!) and saw the first b&w image taken of a person (A ten minute exposure!).

We then talked about the results you get when you add colored filters into the mix, and how to cheat with your color filters from your Diana F+!

Check out some results below!

Lomography Gallery Store East London
117 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BG.

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Lomography’s Lady Grey is a lovely black and white 35mm ISO 400 film that will add class and elegance to your photos. For capturing action and great low-light shots, Lady Grey is your best bet. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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