Trees: The Reason We Live and Breathe


They come in different colours, shapes, heights: trees! The reason we’re all alive and can breathe.

Credits: lighttomysoul

The rainforest is called the lung of the world. Trees need us and we need them.

I always get incredibly sad when I see that they’ve cut down a tree in my town or in my neighbourhood; a tree that had been there since I could remember. Not only does the space become horribly empty and boring, but it just tugs at my heartstrings. Maybe because trees are so big and majestic and comforting in a way.

I feel a bit the same about logging as I feel about eating whale. When I lived in Norway my room-mate asked me if I wanted to eat whale for dinner with him, and I thought: how can you do that? Something about the strength and grace of trees, and whales, makes me despise the thought of hurt coming to them.

Credits: lighttomysoul

Don’t you agree?

My brother doesn’t think that the increased speed in which we are cutting down trees will have any impact on the world, and I wonder where he’s getting his facts from. We’re getting more, we’re consuming more, we’re letting out tons and tons of bad fumes, and rapidly cutting down trees to make room for cows and god knows what.

Credits: lighttomysoul

I love trees and I think we all need to start seeing what our choices and purchases do to the world; how they impact the world as a whole. We can’t keep consuming at the rate we are now.

Credits: lighttomysoul

written by lighttomysoul on 2011-10-25 #lifestyle #nature #trees #outdoors #tree


  1. welland
    welland ·

    I LOVE TREES. Too good. If you really like trees, watch my friends short video Its an alternative version of a film he made for WWF

  2. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I love trees too! :)

  3. asharnanae
    asharnanae ·

    There can never be too many trees. Love em.

  4. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I love trees and animals. :D

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