Focused: The Analog Roaming Project


We could qualify in the initiative of Litherland, a photographer who intends to send kits with analog cameras for people to make a single photo and yield the case to someone else to do the same. Want to know more about this initiative?

Chip Litherland, professional photographer, has decided to conduct a very interesting project. The idea is to deliver five suitcases to five photographers. In each case there is a whole analog photography kit, comprising:

- 1 body 35mm SLR camera loaded with ISO 200 film.
- A choice of 24mm, 35mm, or 50mm objective.
- A small book containing the rules of the initiative and at the same time, allows the photographer to write notes about the picture taken. These notes will then be scanned and posted next to the images.
- 1 roll of 200 ISO (in case of emergency).
- 1 camera strap.

The golden rule, as we said, is to make the owner of the briefcases make a single image and after that, assign the case to someone else to do the same (another image and then assign the case to another person) .
Without doubt, there will be pending results, to observe the differences in which people see and portray reality…

Project web page
The project on The New Yorker

written by jesushp on 2011-10-26 #news #analog #design #sharing #photography #mobile #focus
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