Diana Instant Back+ Behind-the-Scenes with Young Lomodesign Lad Dominik


Behind-the-Scenes takes you into the colourful, inspiration-filled life of one of the youngest Lomostaff members Dominik (dopic) and his Diana Instant Back+ journey!

After chatting with one of our archivists Raphaela, we now put on the spotlight to Dominik Pichler (dopic), one of the youngest (at 19 years old) – and very talented Lomostaff member responsible for the Diana clone packagings, Embassy signs among other great design work. He took some time to finish our very interesting Q&A on how he mixes his love for multimedia applications and the analogue movement, amongst other surprises!

First, introduce yourself and what you do for Lomography.

Hey Lomographers, my name is Dominik and I am working as a Graphic Designer for Lomography since last September. I live in Vienna and with my 19 years I am the youngest in the my department. In the last months I already did a lot of packagings for our Lomography cameras, especially for the Diana F+ Clones. For my latest project I am working on the “Embassy Signs” for our embassies worldwide.

Tell us your story on how you ended up working for Lomography.

I graduated last year from “dieGraphische” in Vienna. It’s a technical school combined with a design school. In this five years I learned all about Multimedia. Especially in the first year we got really busy with the analogue photography, with their technical and artistic basics. To experiment with different film-emulsions, developing them and make prints in the darkroom for my own inspired me very much. In this time a friend of mine bought a Supersampler, which was my first contact with Lomography, I envied him alot. In the next years we got more into digital photography and video, also Graphic Design and programming. I specialized myself into moving pictures, but I had also a very big interest in Graphic Design. After finishing school and a lot of traveling through Europe I was looking for a job as a Graphic Designer. I visited lomography.com and came accidentally to the job site. I saw they where looking for someone, so I immediately sent my portfolio to them, was invited to an interview and poof I was in!

Being a designer, could you share with us some favourite online sources for daily inspiration?

There are a million talented people on the Internet to see, combined on great sites like ffffound.com, thedieline.com, booooooom.com, yaymonday.com, manystuff.org, cyanatrendland.com, szymon.tumblr.com and so on..

Give us a design project you did for LSI and why it matters to you.

Right now I’m working on a great project for LSI, the “Lomography Embassy Signs”. You might have already seen the “New York Embassy Sign” at the Lomography Gallery Store in NY or the sign for Paris at the Colette exhibition. Some more are following! I think these signs are a great possibility to connect and represent the still growing and evolving Lomographic Community all over the world.

If the soundtrack of your life would only be comprised of five songs, what would they be?

1. The Knife: (ERROR not able to select one song)

2. Bjork – One Day

3. Nouvelle Vague: Human Fly

4. Feist: Limit to Your Love

5. Ideal: Monotonie

What is you favourite day of the week and why?

I don’t even need to think what’s my favourite day, I know it’s Friday. You can feel Friday in the air. Especially in the office, when the day gets over everyone seems to be happy and getting a little bit crazy. Friday is also party-time. I like to go out with my friends and dance till dawn, also because Saturday I can sleep long :P

Which characteristic about the new Diana F+ instant back do you like the most?

The new Diana F+ instant back is just amazing. The first time I heard that there will be such great thing coming up, I just thought I need it! I was privileged to test the Diana F+ instant back for a couple of days. My conclusion: It’s even better than I thought. Combining the functions of a Diana F+ with an instant photocamera makes it the perfect party-fun-camera. Multi-exposures, long-exposures, pinhole pictures shooting with a flash or any other Diana+ accessory makes everything possible. I thinks that’s the most special feature on the new instant back.

If you would suggest a technique for new Diana F+ instant back users, what would it be and why?

I prefer to make a long-exposure of any kind of light (in B mode). Try to stay in the move with the camera when you take the picture, you’ll get nice light-beams floating around. Then I switch to N and take a picture of a face using a flash. I nearly used that effect in every picture I took. But I think new instant back users just have to experiment for themselves with all things the surrounding offers, it’s the best and funniest way to get to know with this product.

Any parting words to our avid Lomo comunity readers?

People who love to shoot with the Diana F+ and love instant-cameras should get one…now!

And that’s all, folks! Up next, one of our resident fashionistas and accessory product development staffer gets down and dirty on the Behind-the-Scenes hot seat!

See more photos from Dominik here

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  1. superlighter
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    Ideal: Monotonie!!! I'm in love with this girl, at least with her life soundtrack! lol! :))

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    Sweet! I love your musical choices !

  3. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    I just love these.

  4. breakphreak
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    the Knife indeed :)

  5. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    the Knife indeed :)

  6. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    the Knife indeed :)

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    You take my breath away

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    still haven't tried out my instant back. busting it out this weekend. thanks for the tips!

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