Harvest Days at Palić, Serbia

After a year of hard work on the fields, this is the town’s festival of happiness.

Credits: novakmisi

Harvest Days at Palić, Serbia are an attractive agricultural – touristic event, which is organized every September on the shores of Lake Palić. The event is organized by the Palić – Ludaš Public Company to present fruit products and their multifarious and successful valorization. These harvest days are comprised of a harvest parade, fruit and vegetables fair, wine festivity, fair, fruit brandy tasting and grading, harvest ball, a rich cultural and entertainment programme with various offers from hoteliers.

On the occasion of the completion of work in the vineyards and orchards, Vintage Days colorful parade has been organized to start off the festivities. After the parade, the wine festival follows where visitors can taste wine and cheese. Sludge and the grapes are exhibitions of fruits and vegetables. Along the promenade is a set handicrafts bazaar and a small market for local produce such as honey, herbs, and fruits.

This is a harvest festival, which over the years, has not fundamentally changed much and it still growing and continues to be colorful. It’s not only a celebration of fruits, vegetables, grapes, wine and the coming winter season, but a great tourist attraction as well. The event involves the whole community including members of youth clubs; according to our calculations, about one hundred and twenty fruit and wine producers came, which will then be featured in the fruit and vegetable exhibitions; sporting events, as well as a visit to the Subotica and Horgos winemakers.

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