Remembering Stuff on an Oktomat


Have a lot of cameras and in need of a quick and dirty way to note down gentle reminders?

My initial experiences with the Oktomat have most of my photos missing a chunk of action to the right side of the frame, and a lot of empty space to the left. It leaves me frustrated as I always forget to shift the camera towards the right despite constant MENTAL reminders.

Soon, I realized what I need is to keep the reminder somewhere in front of me, where I can see. My solution is to grab a colored pencil, and write the reminder on the camera itself. The Oktomat has a smooth back body (unlike the bumpy Diana back), so writing on it was really easy. Black pencils can be used too; just that colored ones will stand out more.

I started off with just my personal reminder of “shift it closer to the right” (so I can capture the action on the right side too), then I realized this could double as a film ISO reminder! Well, the Oktomat does not have a window to indicate the film type loaded (or if one is even loaded)… so this was an easy way to identify the film without exposing the insides to lightleaks.

The next time you need a quick reminder, just reach for the nearest pencil around… Hope you find this useful and quick and dirty too! =)

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  1. odax
    odax ·

    Another good reminder would be "remove the lens cap!". I've taken a few photos with the lens cap still on the camera XD

  2. 1511
    1511 ·

    hahha! thats very true for other cameras but the oktomat doesn't have a lens cap though!

  3. namwann_piz
    namwann_piz ·

    Must find someway to get a reminder for my Fisheye No.2.
    I always forget to aim the subject by its lens not its viewfinder which is too high.
    Yeah... and always forget to remove the lens cap too!! LOL

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