Diana Instant Back+ Behind-the-Scenes With Lomoarchive Homegirl Raphaela


Take a peek into what our Lomographic archive girl Raphaela sees, composes and fancies with the new Diana Instant Back+!

You’ve got a glimpse into the daily activities of one of our designers Steffi, and now we’ll take you into the topsy-turvy life on what it looks like living the life of archive specialist Raphaela, also known as grafx – who gets one of the greatest job tasks in the world, to test top-secret Lomography cameras and accessories!

First, introduce yourself and what you do for Lomography.

My name is Raphaela and I work in the Lomoarchive department in Vienna. My job is to let the archive grow in a sorted way, to test new secret cameras and lots of other funny things.

Working in the archive department, could you share with us the weirdest photo(s) you’ve ever come across?

In the archive we are drowning in a sea of amazing pictures every day. Sometimes it´s really funny to see the results of the other fellows who are testing and trying to make a killer-shot.

Share to us your favourite film format (35mm, 120, et. al) and why.

I have no preferred film-format in particular. It depends on my mood which camera I choose. One thing that makes me a bit sad about 120 films is the price for developing but I would never want to miss this filmformat.

After trying out the new Diana F+ instant back, how does it fare side-by-side with our Instax camera friends?

After trying out the new Diana F+ instant back, I have experienced that this might be a very good thing to learn how to handle the Diana-cam because you can immediately see the result. Anyway – instant pictures are a very nice way of having a fast and amazing picture.

Some composition stories from Raphaela’s Diana Instant Back+ escapades:

I had to test the Diana F+ instant back while daylight with a 800-film. My mission was to make very good pictures-as always and so I felt a bit sad about this because the light conditions outside was very bad. It was a cloudy, rainy day. So I went into the tram on my way to work and looked outside the window – searching for some models for my shoot.
Then I saw this absolutely pink bear in the streets in front of a shop. I had to step out of the tram and I wanted to buy this bear to be the shining star of my shooting on this dark day. So I went to this little chinese junk dealer shop.

I told the woman from the shop that i want to buy this bear but she didn’t understand me and she said “no-no buy”. Weird, but maybe she thought that i wanted to sell her something. In the end I got this super pink teddybear which made me very happy and it’s quite cheap too! So I kept on rockin’ the Diana+ with an Instant Back and so should you!

I had to cut some of my plants to multiply them and so i did. I had the Diana-instant-back next to me and I thought "lets rock“ and i put some plant parts on my head. Looks funny I thought and I took another plant to make my upcoming picture very spring-like.

I had the Diana Instant Back+ with Instax 800 ISO film. I wanted to make some kind of a self-portrait but it was sooooo dark to use it without flash. But with flash the picture would have gotten too bright. So i was making a double-Xposure discoshot with some colorfoils over it – which made a very nice hypercolor-effect!

And that’s all, folks! Up next, one of our youngest graphic designers responsible for the Diana Clone packagings share some insights and favourites – stay tuned!

See more photos here

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