Agfa Vista 100: A Promise is a Promise

Looking for blues and high quality images? Agfa Vista 100 would promise to give you what you expected, provided that you feed it with sufficient light!

The first roll of slide film that I’ve ever fallen in love with was Agfa CT 100. The bluish color shift that it brings to my shots makes me just can’t take my eyes off them! But how about the color negative film of the Agfa family ?

I revised my LomoAlbum the other day and found out that I’ve used Agfa Vista 200 and 400 before but have never ever used 100. So, why not give it a try?

I’ve decided to load my Fuji Natura Classica with Agfa Vista 100 . The first few shots were taken outdoors in a sunny day. The resulting shots turned out to be as great as expected, showing vivid and highly saturated color, ultra fine grains, moderate contrast with images capable of presenting fine smooth texture and details.

When shooting pure white objects, the characteristic bluish color shift of Agfa films dominates.

How about shooting indoors? High image quality still retained even without the use of a flash, provided that there is sufficient light in the environment. Just let the pictures speak for themselves!

When it comes to dusk that we need to shoot under low light conditions, grains started to become visible. However, the grains could still be regarded as not too coarse.

A shot taken at extremely low light condition without flash:

Sorry Miss Kitty that I’ve awaken you from your sweet dream, but all the details came back with this little flash from Natura Classica!

I can’t say that it’s my favorite negative film but I do think it’s a film that worth the money and would give you promising results when you’re shooting at occasion that you can’t afford an “accident”!

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