Creepy Film Photographs: Make Your Own Mind Up!


I’m not a believer in ghosts or the supernatural but one photo I have taken certainly made me look twice. I have considered a logical explanation but prefer not to think too hard and enjoy the mystery surrounding it. Is it a ghost? Have a look and make your own mind up.

I visited Church (Rock) Cemetery last year and was so impressed with the combination of Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim with Kodak T-Max 400. I was sure to upload the photos to Lomography and write an article about my experience.

Reading the list of October requested articles recently reminded me of a particular photo I took on that day and with Halloween looming, it seems more relevant than ever and is certainly a creepy film photograph.

The story follows that on the day I visited the large and ornamental graves of Church Cemetery, I happily snapped away a roll of film, my trainers crunching on the freshly laid snow and my baby peacefully sleeping in her pushchair all snug and warm. The scene was anything but spooky or macabre as the low winter’s sun shone bright and provided some warmth to my hands and cast shadows on the ornate graves.

When the film ran out and a nice warm house calling I headed home before posting the film off to be developed at my usual lab.

Within a week my negatives had been returned complete with a CD of scans and I eagerly loaded them onto the computer. As I flicked through the photos I loved the results with the T-Max performing admirably in the conditions. As this was my first B&W film also it came as a great surprise that all the photos appeared to be correctly exposed without errors or problems.

Apart from one. This one:

I’m not a believer on ghosts and would always look for a scientific explanation for such things but even I, was taken aback when I saw this photo. Looking at the position of the sun it didn’t look immediately look like lens flare and examining the rest of the negatives and scans shows no anomalies on any of the other photos. Which begs the question; what is it?

I have decided not to come to a conclusion as I think half of the fun is making your own mind up. I will say though that it is by far the creepiest photo I have ever taken!

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    Looks like a face on the top left corner

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