October Festivities: Goose Fair


I’ve become a serial attender of the Goose Fair in Nottingham if only to try and capture some interesting photos. Last year was all about bold colours and cross-processing but this year I fancied trying some night shots with the bulb mode on the La Sardina. This is how it went.

Probably my favourite October festival local to where I live is the Nottingham Goose Fair. Held in October at the Forest Recreation Grounds. One of Europe’s largest travelling fairs now includes the largest ride to ever attend a travelling fair – the Runaway Train – once a permanent attraction at the American Adventure theme park.

Beyond the mushy peas and mint sauce, the history behind the fair has been all but lost and what remains is a mix of rides for little children up to more daring thrill seekers. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as times move on and the traditional fair is given a modern make-over. What is certain is you’ll be sure to have a great time regardless of your preference for thrill seeking. Whether sampling some of the varied cuisine on offer or just soaking up the atmosphere and taking some photos, you won’t be short of a reason to attend.

With my thrill seeking days behind me, I mainly attend for the photos and did the same last year. This year, though with new cameras at hand, I was determined to make use of the bulb setting and capture some night time light trails of the rides. I wrote last year how this is pretty much a photography cliché but with a sturdy tripod and La Sardina in hand, it’s a cliché I wanted to explore.

Fate conspired against me though and with typical British weather (rain!) I stayed indoors on the evenings waiting for a break. That break never came and the five days of the fair quickly passed without a single light trail to be seen.

On the last day of the fair I was invited to go with some ‘baby friends’ so I took the opportunity to have a look around. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I quickly loaded some film into the La Sardina and headed off.

The fair once again didn’t let me down and was as large and varied as I’ve ever seen it. With an abundance of rides and food stalls you could find yourself quickly emptying your wallet (and filling your belly) but having a great time doing so.

As we took the children, I limited my excitement to watching them on the more gentle rides taking the chance to snap some shots and enjoy the sights, sounds and smell. Of course I couldn’t resist taking home some freshly made sugared donuts too.

If you like going to fairs or maybe haven’t been to one for a while, I would recommend Goose Fair. It has been and gone for another year now but be sure to mark it in next year’s calendar and don’t forget to bring along a camera or two. I’ll be there again in 2012 hoping this time the weather holds out and I finally get a chance at those long exposure photos.

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Cool baby friends.

  2. luvyasam
    luvyasam ·

    looking at your pictures make me miss Nottingham even more....

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