Happy 130th Birthday, Picasso!


It’s Pablo Picasso’s birthday! A grand old (or young) 130 today! In honor of this Spanish born artist, we’ve found some great photos of the man in the striped shirt by noted photographer André Villers.

On this day we dare to ask, even with a gun in the mix, what’s your favorite Picasso work? Or what your favorite deception of the birthday celebrant is by another artist, perhaps even your own young niece or nephew!

“Picasso with revolver and hat of Gary Cooper” by André Villers

We found French photographer André Villers’ portraits of Picasso endearing and wanted to share!

Villers met Pablo Picasso in 1953 while during his stay at a sanatorium in southeastern France. The Spanish artist gave Villers a Rolleiflex which was the foundation for their working friendship and with it came many portraits of Picasso, seen here, and countless other experiments.

Picasso contributed to the development of modern art not just with his own works but also by serving as muse and provider to other artists!

Pablo Picasso by André Villers

“Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” – Pablo Picasso

Take some time to remember this visionary master of the brush in your own special way!

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  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    Picasso is young and dangerous.

  2. liliac
    liliac ·

    favourite paintings? the death of the torero / the kiss (1925)

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