Vogue Italy in Love with La Sardina Metal Edition


We had no doubt of the success that would affect the La Sardina Metal Edition, and seeing her on the cover of Vogue Italy made us very proud. Read more…

On October the 13th, Lomography launched the La Sardina Metal Editions, the new Shiny and sparkling versions of your wide-angle fishy favourites have been washed ashore. We are proud to present to you the finest catch of the season. Coated in brass, these cameras will give you a taste of analogue luxury.
Vogue Italy dedicates to these new amazing cameras the web cover making us really more in love with them.
Beluga and Czar are the most magnificent gems of the sea and, if you want to belong to this incredible big Nautic Family, you’ll have to meet them.
So get to the shop and check out these two incredible wonders of the seven seas.

Aside from the original open-spine La Sardina book, this edition come with a special volume called “The Caviar Diaries” by renowned community member Wil6ka. This book traces his journey to different places where caviar is produced, a perfect companion to your opulent metal La Sardina camera.
What are you waiting for?

It’s time to swim in the Lomography sea!!!

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  1. blue-dog
    blue-dog ·

    I wrote and submitted something two weeks ago as exciting about the La Sardina.
    Nice you got yours published.

  2. koshka
    koshka ·

    It's so stylish!

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