Creepy Vintage Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the time of year when parents can dress up their little ones in cute costumes. However, it was not always this way. Take a look at some vintage Halloween costumes from way back.

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The celebration of Halloween started in the mid-16th century. This holiday is celebrated the night before All Hallows Day. Over the years, there have been many customs associated with Halloween, such as carving of pumpkins to make jack-o’-lanterns and trick or treating.

Trick or treat is a celebration for children wherein they go door-to-door dressed up in costumes asking for treats. Most homeowners prepare small treats like candies, chocolates, small toys and goodie bags for the children. On the contrary, some homeowners are not able to give treats and must be prepared for some sort of trickery performed by the kids.

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Nowadays, we see children who are dressed up as ballerinas, astronauts, cowboys or other cute and cuddly creatures. Even in Halloween parties for adults, we seldom see people donning a really scary costume. Today, it is easy to go into a store and purchase a costume that you want to wear for Halloween. But back then, they had to make their own costumes from scratch or use recycled materials to come up with something to wear. Let’s take a look at some of the costumes that people wore way back in the day:

images via Wired, Huffington Post and Wacky Owl

What do you think about their costumes?

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