Salute to the Classic: LC-A+


Is there LC-A before Lomography? Or, is it the other way round? It seems to be reasonable either way. However, it can be confirmed that LC-A is the first camera of Lomography, and also the most representative one.

The LC-A+ looks inconspicuous, yet this little black box is so powerful!

Without doubt, the especially made Minitar lens is its biggest pride! Imperfection causes the lovely vignette effect, which makes it the trademark of Lomography. What’s more, its glass eyeballs can see a world that is sharper than our naked eyes. It seems to have the ability to capture every colors and tones in the box.

In terms of functionality, the light meter works very well. It controls the aperture and the shutter speed automatically. This allows you to take amazing photos no matter whether it’s at dawn or sunset. Setting the focus allows you to take photos from portraits, to the sea, and the sky.

After modification, the LC-A+ has an MX (Multiple Exposure) button, which allows you to play with multiple exposure! Try and overlap a few photos, and put your creativity to the test!

No, don’t think, just shoot!

LOMO LC-A Already a renowned camera, it has automatic light meter, automatic shutter speed and aperture, unlimited multiple exposure, and ISO from 100 to 1600. Thinking of buying one? Get one LC-A+ that belongs to you! ":

written by iambb_ on 2011-10-25 #gear #review #analogue #camera #lomography #lc-a #minitar-1 #user-review
translated by phoenix1206


  1. syira690
    syira690 ·

    love this article!!! you got some of the most beautiful lca's picture i've ever seen ! :) :)

  2. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I saw the original-old-non-lomography version of the lca and i wanted it. But it was not for sale T.T

  3. kiri-girl
    kiri-girl ·

    Man I want a LC-A BAD!!!

  4. marcello252
    marcello252 ·

    I have it and I love it but mine hasn't that strong vignette, that is a pro however

  5. hairil
    hairil ·

    fantastic photos!

  6. 35mmmora
    35mmmora ·

    the tones in that second picture are purely delicious!

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