Out to Sea: Tyulenovo, Bulgaria

At the end of summer, I had the opportunity to visit Bulgaria. I am from Constanta, Romania, and getting to the small village of Tyulenovo is a piece of cake! It is very near and therefore, very convenient to visit. The trip was one of a kind, the views extraordinary, and the atmosphere very relaxing.

It was the end of August when my friends invited me to go to Tyulenovo. I had visited Bulgaria before, when I was little, and I was really excited to go again as I had very nice memories from my time spent in Varna. I had never heard of Tyulenovo before so I did a little research beforehand.

The only thing I knew was that there were some really amazing cliff jumping and deep water solo spots. I was really anxious to see some photos on the internet as I love climbing and new experiences. I was very surprised to find a great site with all the climbing spots on the Bulgarian coast. If you are into this sport you must take a look here! You’ll find photos, difficulty degree, and exact location of each and every climbing spot! If you have no idea what deep water solo but you have the desire to try it, going with someone with experience is a must! here is some useful information on deep water solo.

The water temperature was very good for the end of August, however, the weather wasn’t particularly good for cliff jumping or deep water solo as the wind was blowing full speed. The waves were therefore huge and jumping off a cliff would have been fatal. So we decided to go to the beach instead.

We found it very quickly: a small beach, very quiet, not very populated. We also found the softest sand I touched in years and huge waves! I had the LC-Wide and the Krab with me so I was very excited to go into the water! The results were amazing!

After the short swim, we headed back home to Constanta with a bunch of fun memories although we didn’t have the chance to try the cliffs. We’ll return next summer for the cliff jumping and the deep water solo for sure!

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