Villa d'Este

About an hour outside of Rome is the hillside town of Tivoli, home to one of Italy’s finest gardens…

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The gardens at Villa d’Este were designed by Pirro Ligorio. They are perhaps, the grandest in Italy and were meant to be just that; a show of wealth and power. Cardinal d’Este was a pretender to the papacy and wanted the gardens to send a clear message of his power to the rich and the powerful of Rome.

The garden is host to a plethora of fountains and statues, each more grand and awe-inspiring than the last. As the villa’s grounds are situated on the hillside the garden is presented in tiers. You can either walk straight down the central path, or follow the zigzag pathway which guides you round the separate sections.

Credits: thecheekyscamp

The middle tier is dominated by 3 large square ponds, which are headed by the Fountain of the Organ. The shot at the top of this article was taken from the walkway up by the fountain, looking down on the ponds and the hillside.

The gardens suit the Lomography Spinner 360 very well, as wherever you are, there seems to be wonders on all sides!

Credits: thecheekyscamp

Getting there from Rome is fairly easy (especially if your girlfriend is Italian!)
• Jump on the metro (Eastbound Linea B) and get off at Ponte Mammolo.
• Next buy a ticket (get a return!) for the Cotral bus from the cafe in the station and head upstairs.
• Outside you will find the bus station; the bus to Tivoli leaves every 20 minutes or so.
• When you get to Tivoli, the bus stops by Piazza Trento. Villa d’Este is located a short, well signposted walk away.

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