For All, Lomography!


Plagiarizing a famous announcement: For all, Lomography!

For the fat

For the thin

Credits: atria007

For the high

Credits: libelulasyyo

For the low

Credits: rar01

For those who laugh

Credits: alehopgm

For the optimists

Credits: rotte

For the pessimists

Credits: mauky

For those who play

Credits: mini-warning

For families

Credits: warning

For kings

Credits: pepper-b

For magicians

Credits: suizidekid

For responsible

Credits: serialgirl

For the committed

Credits: davis

For the castaways

Credits: 5thdimension

For them of there

Credits: amagus

For those who work

Credits: liquorice

For them of here

Credits: dcm1980

For romantics

For those who love you

Credits: ladiatiadeluxe

For those who love you much

Credits: lanenaindie

For the bronzed

Credits: hankerkizia

For nudists

For the superstitious

Credits: chavimarcam

For originals

For calculators

Credits: lola_juanlu

For the simple ones

Credits: robter

For those who read

For those who write

Credits: maryona

For the astronauts

Credits: jorgikosca

For the clowns

For those living alone

Credits: drame

For those living together

Credits: valennano

For which are coiled

Credits: elenacatalan

For that kiss

Credits: fafascinado

For the first

Credits: goonies

For the last

Credits: elenagm

For men

Credits: charly

For the cautious

Credits: blancarleal

For her

Credits: sye

For the musicians

Credits: susielomovitz

For the transparents

Credits: larahacefotos

For those who enjoy

For the strong

For those who overcome

For those that take part

Credits: littlekoala

For those who live

Credits: makny

For that they add up

Credits: area51delcorazon

For those who do not shut

Credits: srmarcus

For us

Credits: chapoteo


Credits: disdis


written by sye on 2011-10-21 #lifestyle #low #tall #announcement #lomography #all
translated by sye


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    Wonderful article! creative, funny, emotional and very Lomo! :D.

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