Capture the Color of Autumn: Love and Romance is in the Air!


After sweating under the brilliant sun on the beach for quite some time, it’s now time to cool down: not only the weather, but together with you and your beloved cameras! Let’s take a LomoWalk and capture the beautiful color of autumn with your favorite films and cameras!

Autumn is my favorite season among all, as it’s not as humid as spring, never be so hot as summer and wouldn’t be that freezing cold as winter. However, in terms of photography, it’s fair enough. Lovely flowers freshly blossomed in the spring rain, children playing happily on the beach and tanned under the hot summer sun, and the pure white snowy world in winter are all that I’d love to capture with my analogue cameras. But, how about autumn?

Autumn is the season of love. Just take a LomoWalk and you’ll be surrounded by the air of romance right away! Leaves start to change from greenish tone to red or yellow, which makes our world look even more gorgeous!

Now, let me take you travel around Asia to see the marvelous autumn artwork created by the mother of nature!

Cingjing (Taiwan) is definitely the place that you can’t miss. Maple leaves of flaming red color coupled with evergreen grassland and lovely animals creates the best autumn picture that you could ever imagine!

And you could still have a taste of spring even in autumn. Just visit Small Swiss Garden in Cingjing for endless seas of flowers!

Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area in Taiwan, which is famous for its nice scenery, is a must-go place for foreign travelers and local Taiwanese photography lovers who are looking for a taste of autumn!

The Paper Dome at Taichung is a super romantic place for talking a romantic LomoWalk with your beloved one hand in hand!

Now, let’s catch the flight and enjoy a cool autumn at Hokkaido! Just take a walk along the riverside or in the university campus and you’ll be showered by the refreshing autumn air!

Not to forget my hometown, Hong Kong! Just escape from the city jungle and take a deep breath of relaxing autumn air in my Alma mater!

Wanna add a taste of autumn to your shots? Just load your camera with Lomography Redscale film and your shots will be splashed with a golden hue!

So, you’re still here sitting in front of the computer? Go and grab your beloved cameras now and keep them busy before the last autumn leave falls or you’ll regret it!

written by gateau on 2011-11-16 #lifestyle #horizon-perfekt-lc-a-black-slim-devil-e-to-c-kodak-profoto-xl-100-kodak-eb3-agfa-ct-100-kodak-e100vs-lomography-redscale-100-hong-kong-chinese-university-of-hong-kong-hokkaido-paper-dome-puli-small-swiss-garden-aowanda-national-forest-recreation-area-maple-leaves-cingjing-evergreen-grassland


  1. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    this is a nice article, lovely photos! I'm visiting your home right now ^^

    Autumn is the best season, at least for me: the colours of the fallen leaves and the crush that sounds when you walk over them, perfect!

  2. gateau
    gateau ·

    @nuhdos: Thanks a lot! :)

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