Ahoy, El Capitan: A La Sardina Legend


My La Sardina – El Capitan arrived in early October and we have been inseparable ever since. Although it is a new relationship, I already know a lot about him. But, there is always more to learn and we have been out on the town a fair bit.

When carrying this beauty around I can see all eyes around me focusing on him, a few of those eyes meet mine and have the same question: What is that and where did you get it? I was lucky enough to have won this camera but that does not mean I don’t know where to get one as I have been eying it out since it came out and so I send them in the direction of the Lomography store here in Johannesburg.

My favorite thing about the La Sardina is the wide angle lens, as I am a sucker for all things panoramic! This little camera gets so much in that it is easy to get some unsuspecting people on the sides.

So load your favorite 35mm film (I have only finished one roll so have not determined the best one yet). Although that being said – from my results which were a little bit underexposed, I would use a film with ISO higher than 100, and would also try to take some day shots! I didn’t realize I hadn’t until I got my film developed, so using ISO 50 film probably wasn’t my best decision for an all-night time roll!

Then you are ready to take your photos.

When preparing to take a photo there are 2 key things to remember.

1. Remove the lens cap
2. Make sure the lens is pulled out into the shooting position.

Once those are done you are good to go, depending on your settings you will either use N for daylight shots and use B (Bulb) for night time shots or N with the Fritz the Blitz flash .

The aperture is set at F/8 so no decision making on that front , so all that is left is to decide on your focal length and you are ready to take your shot!

Prepare to fall in love and get much attention when walking around with this camera, as it really is a looker!

El Capitan leads the way for the new La Sardina collection. With a red and yellow motif that screams authority over the Seven Seas, this 35mm wide-angle wonder commands attention both at sea and on land. Comes with Fritz the Blitz, Lomography’s most powerful flash ever. Sail the high seas with El Capitan, available in our Shop.

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