Temple of The Emerald Buddha (Bangkok)


The name says it all. Behold the most revered Buddha in Thailand. It is truly magnificent. He even owns three fly outfits to match the season which was specifically made on the King’s request. Too bad he doesn’t like having His picture taken, but here’s where He lives…

The Temple of The Emerald Buddha is a sacred site within the massive complex that is the Grand Palace in Bangkok’s Ratanakosin district. It is also known as Wat Phra Keow and a must see when you are in the main capital!

It will cost you a full day and 300 baht admission fee to explore the whole complex of the Grand Palace including its main attraction, The Emerald Buddha – the masterpiece of it all. The temple compound housing this revered Buddha is truly a constructional beauty in itself! You’ll see many mythical statues, golden rooftops, detailed murals, making you appreciate the aesthetics of Thai architecture. The buildings here are elaborately decorated with exceptionally tall roof designs. So many Kodak moments here!

The Emerald Buddha sits indoors in one of the main buildings and this site is considered holy. To enter you must dress modestly and leave your shoes outside. No photos allowed to be taken of this precious sight. There was a swarm of tourists and religious groups alike but everyone is somehow silenced and mellowed in the Buddha’s presence. Many people are praying in His direction and some are in complete awe, including me. This 45 centimeter sized Buddha is carved from just a single piece of jade and it’s truly a work of art! I sat inside admiring it’s beauty and the complex paintings on the ceiling and walls of the building. I seriously wondered how many cautious hours it took to complete all these intricate drawings. Madness!

You shouldn’t have a problem getting to the Emerald Buddha; it’s like the Mecca of Buddhism in Thailand so any person could give you legitimate directions. I preferred asking a Tuk Tuk driver to take us there, and on the way he even did a wheelie!

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    Hooo I'd like to see that Buddha... vstephanie hits again with a super location !

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    hehee thanks stouf, your my persistent location commenter!! im still working on a few more now hehe.. but internet in indo is slow as a snail hehe

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    BKK is really a great place for taking pics!

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