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The blog BibliOdyssey, run by creator and site curator “Peacay”, is an encyclopedia of scans from books on History, Science, you name it, as well as from illustrations and artwork from all over the world!

Photos via bibliodyssey

The weird, the wild and the wonderful
When an encounter with a larger than average, bizarrely patterned Mollusc was something that made your heart skip a beat and you whip out the graphite and sketch an intricate deception of, was a time when you could imagine these wonderful images were created.

Plenty of travelers carried their blank notebooks everywhere to take far from instant “snapshots” of the unknown. With your blank film engage in the kind of documenting you know your predecessors would have gone wild over .

Photos via bibliodyssey

Maps galore
Try the role of explorer on for size! With the many maps detailing various regions, landmasses and terrains, from times scattered throughout the ages, you can even take to time traveling, while in pursuit of that small, uncharted, lost-paradise we hope you’ll tell us here at Lomography about.

Photos via bibliodyssey

Scenes you can leap into, like a sidewalk chalk drawing
Expressive are the faces, contorted bodies, and surrounding nature scenes, that make up the collected legends, as well as stories of everyday life, that seem to stretch far beyond their single page frame.

Whether you are more down-to-earth, or enjoy the fantastical, the comprehensive blog is captained by a keen eye and is bound to make frequent trips to your browser.

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