Agfa Vista 100 35mm


Agfa Vista is probably one of the best films Agfa has ever sold. It tones down natural colors with a bluish shade that makes every photo worth a memory.

I had some Agfa Vista films in my stash that I got from this cheap store in Bacolod City. With the use of my Olympus XA camera, I loaded the film and started taking pictures near the beach. As I tried to developed the film, I was surprised with its outcome. I am liking how its emulsion traces down different colors that are true to my eyes.

There’s this subtle blue or cyan tinge in every picture but that doesn’t stop me from liking this film. It definitely blends the wonderful skies when you take a picture. Everything seems to be vivid with a touch of a vintage look. To my very own idea, Agfa Vista 100 is definitely one of the great C-41 films ever produced in history. Thanks to Agfa, this film is very balanced and very faithful to what you see with your surroundings.

For the positive side of this film:

1. When shooting indoors, you can notice that the fluorescent light turns a little greenish in color.
2. Colors are really interesting.
3. When shooting outdoors, occupy most of the sky. The blue colors in your picture will turn out to be the best.

For the negative side of this film:

1. I don’t like its grain.
2. Less sharp from a slow ISO speed film.

These are just my opinions and would really love to hear your comments also. But for me, the only thing I love about this film is its lovely bluish/greenish tinge that makes up a classic look in every picture.

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  1. nerpman
    nerpman ·

    The blue\green tinge you're getting is due to shooting in bright sunlight without filters. A UV or skylight filter would get rid of it, but I guess it's a good thing you like it because the Olympus XA doesn't use filters! But I do agree with you, this film has a great neutral tone. Nice pictures!

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