5 Questions on Analogue Photography with Lobak

In this new ongoing series “5 Questions on Analogue Photography with…” we send out the same set of questions to photographers. This time, Loh Pak Loon – a video producer for online news at News Straits Times, Malaysia – answered these and sent along a selection of his work.

Name: Loh Pak Loon (Lobak)
Occupation: Video Producer for Online News
Country: Malaysia

1. Tell us something about yourself.
I started taking photos when I was 10, my dad gave me his 1960s Yashica Lynx 14e when he bought a new camera. But later I became more involved in storytelling and filmmaking as I was more intrigued by moving pictures than stills. In 2008, my uncle gave me his Nikonos III and I discovered the beauty of photography all over again.


2. Why do you still shoot analogue?
I think the aesthetics of film is unrivaled, but mostly, the process of projecting light onto a piece of film to imprint the image on it forever, is such a magical and romantic thing to do.

3. What photographic equipment (cameras, films, and accessories) do you usually have in your bag?
It’s a shame, I don’t shoot photos as often as I used to. I used to bring my Nikonos III around alot, usually I’ll load a roll of Kodak Tmax (mostly expired), I meter with the “Sunny 16” rule, but if I shoot indoors, I use a Gossen Lunasix light meter (which is no longer accurate, so I’ll have to compensate about 2 stops most of the time)

4. Share a trick of yours that will always result to a great photo.
I like shooting from the hip, I’ve trained myself to scale focus, so I can adjust the focus without having to look through the viewfinder, this is extremely useful when you want to take a picture of someone without being noticed.

5. Which photographers influence your work?
Due to my background in filmmaking, my heroes are mostly cinematographers like Robby Müller, Christopher Doyle, Mark Lee Ping Bin and Yutaka Yamasaki. But I do have a mantra I repeat in my mind all the time, a quote from Robert Capa, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”.

Thanks Lobak for taking the time to answer these questions!

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