La Sardina: Beauty in a Sardine Can


Undoubtedly the best catch of the sea. Beauty in a sardine can may be hard to fathom, but the results this camera yield are remarkably breathtaking.

This camera has amazing capabilities for such a tiny piece of plastic. It’s sturdy and easily transportable. Its can shape is what drew me in to begin with. I own the Marathon style and I just love it. Its MX switch gives analogue lovers ease when trying to get an awesome multiple exposure, and its bulb setting never fails.

Personally, I think the La Sardina works best in bright sunlight or any time when the sun is out, whether it be sunrise or set, because the pictures result in crisp, clear focus and the colors coupled with the wide angled lens result in well, look for yourself…

These are some personal photos, that I find exemplify the best the La Sardina wide angle lens has to offer. You can get right up close to a subject and still have some great results.

The only complaint I really have with this camera has to be the fact that you sometimes have to think when shooting scenes, or landscapes, and even portraits. When focused properly the camera is a kind soul to the photographer. However, if not focused properly or if unwanted subjects get in the way the camera is not as kind as this example shows:

I had the focus setting on group and my dashboard got in the way and so even though I wanted the picture of the wildebeest crossing our path, I had my dashboard in clear focus. Unfortunate.

But this isn’t a major concern, only a lapse of judgment on my part. Just be careful to adjust the focus so that you get crystal clear focus, unless you are looking for a more blurred photograph… then “Don’t Think, Just Shoot!”

The La Sardina is by far the greatest catch in the sea of analogue cameras and should definitely be in every photographer arsenal of cameras because of its amazing focus and great MX and bulb setting capabilities, probably my favorite Lomo camera I have at the current moment. I always grab it on my way out for a LomoAdventure!! Its beauty is the can, it gives photographers the ability to capture some great analogue moments.

Boasting a unique vintage design is Marathon, La Sardina green nautical machine. It’s brightly coloured exterior is matched by equally brilliant specs—breathtaking wide angle lens, easy-to-use rewind dial for multiple exposures, and compact 35mm format. Sail the high seas with Marathon, available in our Shop.

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  1. lomolilly
    lomolilly ·

    Great review. I'm gonna get a La Sardina in Domino! Your last two photos, what film is that? I'm planning a trip to Krabi, Thailand and there's gonna be a lot of beach shots!

  2. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    Ah, good choice! They are two different films. the first one at the beach is just regular Kodak Gold 200 and the second is Fuji Provia 200 however, it is expired.

  3. sidsel
    sidsel ·

    I actually like the mis-focused picture with the horse! Nice review!

  4. julia_adele
    julia_adele ·

    @lomolilly Ah, good choice! They are two different films. the first one at the beach is just regular Kodak Gold 200 and the second is Fuji Provia 200 however, it is expired.
    @sidsel, thank you. I have grown to like the mistakes and unexpected from analogue cameras!

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