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Hey Denver! You know that guy that figured out the Diana was the bee’s knees? He hung out with and/or shot the kinds of people you only read about, now. Andy Warhol, Basquiat, J.D. Salinger, etc. Yeah, Mark Sink! The man, himself, is going to run a workshop with us in Denver and you can come!

If you don’t know who Mark Sink is, turn to page 143 in your Diana F+ book. The man virtually popularized the use of the Diana and shoots with it, to this day. Well, Lomography will have their representative, Cameron Russell, in town on Oct 27th to help Mark host a workshop. Denver Pro Photo has agreed to let us use their studio space to do it.

There could be no better combination. Mark is a lover of plastic cameras, soft images, and blurred edges. Lomography is a society of people dedicated to analogue photography and all the quirks it involves. With our powers combined, we will make sure you leave inspired and with a head full of new ways to approach the object of your lomographic desire.
So, what will we cover? What are we going to teach you? We will go over the basics. Why analogue photography, what film should you shoot, what camera best suits your style, ways to improve what you’re already shooting, and more. Mark and Cameron will have three hours to talk and instruct in Denver Pro Photo’s large and well stocked Studio 3. There’s backdrops, props, and more to incorporate with practicing your shots. That’s three hours with two people that couldn’t be more passionate about analogue cameras and plastic lenses.
Not only that, but Denver Pro Photo now carries a large selection of our cameras. There’s a good chance that you’ll fall in love with a new analogue machine, that day. Denver Pro Photo can help you with a rarity in analogue photography…instant gratification.
There is too much going on to miss this event. We’ll have Dianas and a roll of film to loan you. Two analogue lovers to instruct you, and a space that couldn’t be more accommodating. So, come down to Denver Pro Photo from 12pm-3pm and immerse yourself in an event that is rarer than an eclipse. See you soon, Denver!

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