Diana F+ Lens Adaptor: Give Your Powerful SLR a Taste of Lo-Fi Goodness

Use the Diana F+ lens adaptor to create dreamy lo-fi images using powerful SLRs.

One of the main reasons which attracted me to Lomography and plastic cameras is the dreamy lo-fi images which result from the usage of plastic lenses. I own a fully auto Nikon film SLR which I carry with me at all times, but sometimes being too ‘auto’ defeats the joy of analogue photography. Having auto focus, auto exposure adjustment indeed produces ‘perfect’ photos, but once in a while I would prefer something to be out of focus and under or over exposed in order to get an element of surprise when the films are being processed. Surprise, anticipation, accidents and disappointments are all part of the analogue fun!

Photos taken using an SLR will produce sharp, well exposed photos, but no fun involved

Hence in order to experience all the analogue goodness, I purchased the Diana F+ Lens Adaptor for my Nikon SLR and it was a marriage between toy and technology!

Credits: kshen

Using the Diana F+ Lens Adaptor, I would have to switch both the aperture settings and shutter speed to manual. The once all-auto SLR will now be completely manual, with the focus range settings limited to options available on the Diana F+ lens (1-2m, 2-4m and 4-∞m).

Credits: kshen

It would be a perfect alternative for people who wish to carry only one camera with them instead of both an SLR and a toy one. The Diana F+ Lens Adaptor allows us to experience the best of both worlds using one camera!

Credits: kshen

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