Recap: Golden Caviar Night @ Lomography Gallery Store Berlin

This was a night to celebrate the sea… and its most beautiful little “ships”, the new golden La Sardina cameras Czar and Beluga.

Luckily coming home after a long journey across the seven seas, two golden-metallic beauties finally hit the shore of Lomography Gallery Store Berlin: The La Sardina Special Editions Czar and Beluga. The Caspic Sea is the origin of these elegant little camera-ships, and as a gift they brought us cock-and-bull stories, seamanlike cosmopolitanism, nautical chic – and a big bunch of caviar.

What a great opportunity to run a little instore party with this tasty cargo! Besides caviar, we had music and salty crackers from Mother Russia, yummy caramel toffees, sweet Ferrero Rocher chocolate and a strong Pirates’ Rum. “Golden luxuriousness“ was the declared motto of the evening – and Czar and Beluga, the most outstanding golden extravaganzas, gained lots of “Ohhhhhs” and "Ahhhhhs”.

After a while, the buffet was gone, rum was empty, and the night was over. Whether harbor or high sea: In this night, we had severe lack of sleep and plenty of toasts. Hip, hip, hurray to you, dear La Sardina, and to the waves of enthusiasm you create!

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translated by princess_crocodile


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