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William Hope, leader of the spiritualist group Crewe Circle, was a paranormal investigator who dabbled into ‘spirit photography’. Learn more about his ghostly photos after the break.

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William Hope was a carpenter before he rose to fame as a paranormal investigator. After claiming that he was able to capture spirits of the dead on camera, he immediately became noticed in paranormal groups. He even started his own paranormal group, Crewe Circle.

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He would capture the images of the spirits with an old plate camera during a séance session. Clients were asked to bring their own sealed plates and load them to the camera themselves to assure that he wasn’t faking the pictures. After taking the photos, the plates were developed in his darkroom in the presence of the client.

image via Bored Panda

In 1922, the Society for Psychical Research conducted an investigation in order to prove that William Hope was a fraud. The plates provided to him were etched with a marking that would be transferred on the photos once they were processed. William Hope then created the spirit photographs but none of them had the marking. This proved that he switched the plates brought by the clients in order to produce the ghostly images.

Despite all this, William Hope still had a strong following who refused to accept that he was a fraud.

Here are more of William Hope’s spirit photos:

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