Floating Your Smile to the One Who Needs Your Pictures


Mother nature wants to test our spirits by sending high water, rain and flooding. We won’t be afraid of the problem. We will not lose our hope. However, people who are in the middle of trouble are needing your hope, to make them smile again.

Credits: momac

If you haven’t follow news about flooding in Thailand, here is a quick update. Some cities in Thailand is currently facing the flooding disaster. Even though, Bangkok, a capital city of Thailand is not under water yet, but we can’t make sure for that. At this moments about 10 cities of Thailand are underwater.

Lomography Thailand, and all staffs are still safe, and we would like to ask you guys to help us, to send your hope, your care, you warmness to the victims of flooding. We don’t need you to send the money or any aids, but we need just your moral support to send that to all the flooding victims. We would like you to send the picture to make everyone happy and make everyone smile again. Please submit your photos here.

  • after submitting your photos, we would like you to leave a message for the flooding victims on this page
  • good karma will bring a good karma back, giving a smile and you will get a smile back
  • we will collect the photos everyday and will update them until the situation is better
  • limitation: unlimited
  • end 31st Oct 2011
Credits: anarchy

Lomography Thailand would like to send you the moral support, the warmness to all the victims, and to the all guys who are working on the situation. We are sending big smiles to all people, to bring your energy up and hope we will pass through this problem

Credits: ariannapaloma

written by kokakoo on 2011-10-18 #news #competition #smile #bangkok #hope #thailand #flooding #warmness
translated by mickey_p


  1. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·


  2. kokakoo
    kokakoo ·

    @hervinsyah - Here's translation of that article. You can read by this article and then submit your nice images on that page. thx for your support. ,-)

  3. badjuju
    badjuju ·

    It says to leave a massage lol. Im sure they could use one I sure could :D

  4. dakadev_pui
    dakadev_pui ·

    Thank you , Thank you from Thailand

  5. wapclub
    wapclub ·

    Thank you.

  6. neja
    neja ·

    be strong dear friend! Gods will smile upon u, I believe!

  7. hanibale
    hanibale ·

    NEVER give up!

  8. kiri-girl
    kiri-girl ·

    Arohanui - Much love! from New Zealand

  9. 134340
    134340 ·

    Cheers up ,Thailand and thanks guys : )

  10. pierrest
    pierrest ·

    stay strong Thailand!

  11. martie
    martie ·

    Our thoughts are with you, Thailand. Don't give up hope!

  12. chiruju
    chiruju ·

    Don't forget to have hopes! All of us are anxious about you!!

  13. hxloon
    hxloon ·

    Just submitted my recent Bangkok Lomography trip's photos & have my first wonderful Lomo Embassy's experience there. All will be well soon, stay strong Thailand!

  14. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    My thai friends, stay strong and positive! You can do it!

  15. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    hope things are getting better there in thailand. i'll be there next week. cheers! :)

  16. lynxalb00
    lynxalb00 ·

    stay strong!

  17. fayeusokoi
    fayeusokoi ·

    God bless Thailand!! Be Strong!

  18. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Dear Thai buddies, wish you guys safe and sound and the disaster will be away very very soon. Have faith. Love you guys!

  19. trw
    trw ·

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Be safe and well!

  20. kate_yawa
    kate_yawa ·

    i want to submit some photos but i'm not sure how? can't understand thai so no idea where to click. :o

  21. mrosy
    mrosy ·

    I've been to Thailand this year and my heart goes out to everyone there! Don't loose your faith! A big hug for all of you!

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